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More m. Affiliations 1. Find all citations in this journal default. Or filter your current search. Current Opinion in Biotechnology [12 May , ].

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Type: Research Support, Non-U. Abstract Interlocked molecular architectures are well known in supramolecular chemistry and are widely used for various applications like sensors, molecular machines and logic gates. The use of DNA for constructing these interlocked structures has increased significantly within the current decade.

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Because of Watson-Crick base pairing rules, DNA is an excellent material for the self-assembly of well-defined interlocked nanoarchitectures. Journal Home. Graphical Abstract: Abstract: Among the many emerging strategies for macromolecular self-assembly, only a few of them with strong and highly selective molecular recognition are able to achieve ordered self-organization in molecular level.

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DNA as supramolecular scaffold for functional molecules: progress in DNA nanotechnology.

Citation and Abstract. Statistical mechanics of interfaces; theory of crystal growth; theory of nonuniform liquids; dynamics of steps on crystal surfaces.

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  7. Nanoscience and Supramolecular Chemistry Supramolecular chemistry and nanoscience are concerned with the creation of new structures with at least one of the dimensions on the nanometer scale that exhibit exciting new properties and functions in the biological, materials, and energy realms. The research interests of faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in these areas are broad and deep and represent a strategic focus area. Jeffery Davis Supramolecular chemistry; bioorganic chemistry; molecular self-assembly; chemical synthesis and chemistry of bioconjugates; transmembrane ion transport Read More.

    Read More. Bryan Eichhorn Synthesis and characterization of transition metal derivatives of Zintl ions; nanomaterials, soft chemical synthesis; heterogeneous catalysis and solid oxide fuel cell research Read More.

    John T. Fourkas Nanotechnology and ultrafast nonlinear optics; multiphoton absorption polymerization; polymer post-functionalization chemistry; soft nanolithography; optical data storage; nanophotonics; microsensors; ultrafast dynamics of liquids in the bulk and in nanoconfinement Read More.

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    Lyle Isaacs Host-guest chemistry; molecular recognition; drug delivery; cucurbituril molecular containers; Read More. Host-guest chemistry; molecular recognition; drug delivery; cucurbituril molecular containers;. Sang Bok Lee Nanomaterials science; synthesis and characterization of bio-nanotubes for nanotoxicology and biomedical applications; electrical energy storage; electrochemistry Read More.